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We strive to make all of our trips as enjoyable, comfortable and leisurely as possible. There are no strict time schedules and no rushing. We have enlisted local seniors tours operators and guides wherever available to conduct the day trips for us to ensure that you get the very best information from those who know best. We always plan on hosting most of the trips ourselves, however we always have an experienced hostess on call for those times when we are not available.

What We Offer For Seniors Tours


Seniors ToursPlease fill out our enclosed booking form in order to make a booking and then post it to me at our address below. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by either email or phone if no booking form is available. Once we receive your booking, an invoice will be issued to you that outlines when the due date is for your final payment. If you discover at a later date that you are unable to take the trip that you have booked, please let me know. If you would like to receive tour programs and updates, please make sure that you are in the database. We do everything we possibly can to hold to the advertised prices but reserve the right to adjust them if we have no other alternative.

We do it well by keeping things simple. We take good care of travelers who do not want to change accommodation on a nightly basis or spend long days out on the road any longer. Comfortable, fully escorted New Zealand tours that have been designed specifically for Seniors. A majority of our tours are short stay-puts along with a few longer tours that we have added for those who are more adventurous.