New Zealand Tours For Singles

Singles Tours Here on our website, we use our experiences and knowledge to arrange singles tours with our customers in mind. We are always exploring the latest destinations and we do not promote or sell destinations until we have gone there for ourselves. We have a variety of the latest tours and more are loaded on a weekly basis. This is inclusive of a few of the old time favorites.

Each of the single tours has been designed with our customers in mind. This is possible through our extensive years in travel experiences. Our personal and first-hand knowledge on the different destinations has assisted us in developing outstanding small-group tour expeditions in association to our Flora Tours and Classical Tours which are informative, hassle free and extremely relaxing experiences that you can enjoy.

Singles ToursWe make use of the personal knowledge we have along with experiences that we possess to plan just the right types of single tours. We aim to design the journeys that we would enjoy taking ourselves, while at the same time leaving out the boring and tedious bits. When we were younger we traveled around the world where we would arrive in different cities late in the night with no per-arrangements, struggling with language barriers and bureaucracy in order to prove that we could do these travels. Later on in years we are older and much wiser.

We still explore the latest places for clients and we will never sell a package until we have gone there ourselves. With extensive years in traveling experience, we have managed to iron out any hassles so you won’t have to experience these on your travels. It takes many years of personal experiences in order to really know a destination in detail. It’s all about the people, how the cities work and first-hand experience that assists us in the development of great small-group singles tours.

All our singles tours are guided and hosted to make sure the trip is stress-free, enjoyable, memorable and fun. These tours are inclusive of specialist-tour hosts. The single tours on offer extend to familiar destinations onto a few of the more exotic, fascinating and exciting spots on earth. They are also inclusive of personal suggestions from Unique Tours, Special Places. Come and enjoy inspiring, unique small-group tours to the best special and fascinating places on the planet.